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Technical Support

  • Expert staff available to discuss engineering details of ceramic fiber products as well as make recommendations for your particular requirements.
  • Strengths are based on over 100+ combined years of engineering, manufacturing and application experience in the ceramic fiber industry.
  • In house engineering with excellence in formulation, manufacturing, modeling and prototypes for R&D and testing.
  • Highly automated manufacturer of ceramic fiber shapes, boards, sleeves and engineered components.
  • Supplier of high quality vacuum formed parts using ceramic fibers made by major manufacturers.
  • Capable of producing high volumes of a variety of differing shapes.
  • CNC machining, lathe-cutting, and die-stamping as needed to fit any application.
  • Special tooling needs manufactured on site.
  • Ready to be YOUR preferred supplier.

Superior Formulation

  • Propriety blends of high purity alumina-silica ceramic fiber.
  • Organic and inorganic formulations available.
  • Standard formulations from 2300°F to 3000°F.

Energy Conservation

  • Low thermal conductivity and low heat storage characteristics.
  • Resistant to thermal shock.
  • Non-wetting properties when in direct contact with nonferrous molten metals.

Standard and Customized Shapes

  • Specialized vacuuming process to manufacture any shape from standard sleeves and boards to custom fit shapes according to customer specifications.
  • Custom shapes can be detailed to meet any existing intricate components.


  • Shapes can be surface treated on one or all sides to form an inorganic protective coating.
  • Product densities can range between 10 pcf to 40 pcf per customer requirements.
  • High density products have a considerable resistance to mechanical abuse.

Surface Textures

  • Smooth ID with rough bark-like OD.
  • Smooth OD with rough bark-like ID.
  • Smooth ID with smooth OD.