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Sebring, Ohio 44672
Phone: 330.938.9674
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Welcome to VacuForm!
Dedicated to vacuum forming and die cutting ceramic fiber shapes to provide for noise reduction and high temperature insulation applications.

VacuForm Inc. blends bulk high purity alumina-silica ceramic fiber with precise combinations of organic and inorganic binders and filters to convert these raw materials into various shapes. The standard formulation maximum use limits are 2300°F, while formulations are also available for 2600°F and 3000°F material. Through a specialized vacuuming process, these forms can take any shape from standard sleeves to custom fit shapes according to customer specifications. The staff at VacuForm, Inc. are available to engineer your insulating needs or assist in recommendations depending on your requirements.

In house engineering with excellence in formulation, manufacturing, modeling, and prototypes for R&D and testing.

Over 100+ years of total experience in the ceramic fiber industry.

Highly automated, state of the art equipment and procedures. In house tool and die manufacturing. Machining and special cutting as needed.

Steel mill, Foundry, Automotive, Appliance, Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Glass, Ceramic, Petro-Chemical, and Furnace Builders.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified - See our certificate here.

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